Promoting indigenous South African Sign Language


"Let us Talk about Sign and Talk in Sign"

It is our human instinct to want to communicate with one another. Imagine how lonely it must be when you don’t understand what the people around you are saying and, no-one understands what you are trying to say? This is how people who are Deaf feel around those who don’t understand South African Sign Language (SASL).

It is our aim to approve Sign Language as South Africa’s 12th official language, not only for people who are Deaf but for the benefit of our entire nation. This would even assist in communication between all the people who speak the 11 other official languages in our country.

Please support the Talk Sign campaign by assisting us to promote Sign Language.

How to get involved

  • Purchase a Talk Sign sticker for R10. These funds will assist in the much-needed education programmes and employment of our Deaf community.

  • Wear your Talk Sign sticker on Talk Sign Day, Friday, 8th March 2019.

  • Arrange a Talk Sign presentation at your school or place of work.

"Let’s Bridge the Gap"

Reaching out to the South African Deaf Community

The stickers will be available at selected outlets.


  • Be discreet when attracting attention

  • Speak normally, using facial expressions and gestures

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Be patient

  • Write things down


  • Throw objects to gain their attention

  • Shout

  • Say “It doesn’t matter” or “It’s not important”